CRW_0021 (400x265)Our daughter had an amazing time at camp. When she got home she couldn’t stop smiling and shared lots of fun stories about dancing, the great food, the hikes, Shabbat experiences, swimming and especially her new friends.

Camper parent

This was the best decision we could have made for our family. The boys had a tremendous experience. Not only did they learn more Jewish traditions and prayers they also learned some very valuable life experiences. All pictures showed pure joy on their faces and that is worth a thousand words. Their stories when they came home supported this. Anytime the counselors were mentioned the word awesome was used. Both children feel the staff was an important part of all their experiences, especially those who taught guitar, tennis, art and Hebrew.

Camper parent

6-21 gar %2813%29 (400x267)Ramah’s major strength is its ability to build Jewish life into every aspect of camp life and to model what it means to be surrounded by Jewish ritual, prayer and community. It doesn’t hurt that this is largely modeled by cool counselors who fully embrace their Judaism as well as their athletic, theatrical, artistic, academic and musical prowess.

Camper parent

Thank you for the wonderful experience you give my grandsons while promoting Jewish life and love of Israel.

Camper grandparent

Rebecca Millberg (400x267)I find that working at camp is an incredible way to build leadership and interpersonal skills that will set me apart in future jobs. I gave up several internships this summer in order to be at camp, and although I think the work is often more difficult than an internship would have been, it can also be much more rewarding. I’ve also loved the opportunity to be a part of such a strong Jewish community this summer.

Rebecca Millberg, Nivonim counselor

I am often amazed by the opportunity that drama gives to those who may not shine on the basketball courts, as Torah readers, or in kikar dancing here at camp. One camper who participated in the Nivonim English Play shared with me that he had never experienced theatre before this summer. He had felt boxed into his “image” as the tall, goofy, basketball player and suddenly realized his potential in other arenas at camp and beyond.

Morissa Pepose, drama specialist

IMG_6231 (400x267)I found camp to be incredibly well run, well thought-out, and intentional. In particular, the way that the college kids prepare and run programs themselves makes them take ownership of their Judaism in a meaningful and effective way. That amounts to quite a lot in terms of building Jewish life and leadership. And of course, there’s nothing quite like seeing hundreds of happy kids running around.

Dr. Benjamin Sommer, Professor of Bible, JTS and 2015 scholar-in-residence

Camp Ramah is where I discovered who I am as a Jew and the role that Judaism can play in my life.

Samantha Sacks, 2015 camper

Jon Oberlander - Head Shot %28LinkedIn%29The best professional training I had was working as a Ramah counselor and learning how to lead a group. There are so many similarities between the work I did as a counselor and what I now do at Ampush (a digital marketing company). As a counselor you learn lessons about relationship building, about leadership, about communicating to a group, communicating directly one on one with people, about crisis management. I wouldn’t replace the years I spent at Ramah with any other experience… Ramah has had a profound impact on both my professional path and my personal life.

Jon Oberlander, alumnus (Nivo 1997)

KODAK Digital Still CameraMy summers at Ramah strengthened my passion for work in the nonprofit world. At camp there was a focus on tikkun olam (repairing the world) and I knew that I wanted a job that would allow me to support and empower people going through a rough patch in their lives. Camp reinforced the Jewish values of tzedakah (justice and righteousness) and g’milut hasadim (acts of loving kindness) that motivate my work.

Ranisa Rubin Davidson (Nivo 1993)
Adoptive Family Studies Worker, The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh & Lemieux Family Center

Sara Eisen PhotoMy transition from home to New York University was a smooth one thanks to my camp experience. Roommates who had not gone to summer camp had a more difficult time adjusting to the college lifestyle.  I was used to being surrounded by people and living with friends. And I’ve been surrounded by a great network of Ramah friends everywhere I’ve lived.

Sara Eisen (Nivo 2000)
Co-anchor of CNBC shows Worldwide Exchange and Squawk on the Street