Solelim Letter

From Rosh Aidah Aviva Schwartz:

This summer Solelim explored each other’s uniqueness and purity. On Shabbat we focused on topics such as patience, responsibility and environmental awareness. Through our play, Free to be You and Me, we were able to explore what it means to be your own person in a larger society. Towards the end of the summer we had Yom Clash of Clans, a favorite for many kids where we were challenged athletically, intellectually, artistically, strategically, and on how well we worked as a group. In the end clan Zariah (named for the Hebrew word for “stranger”) conquered all other clans. We finished up the summer with each camper reading 1-2 verses from Eicha on Tisha B’Av, which was a really special way to watch the respect the campers had for each other and the skills and confidence they had gained throughout the summer. Solelim’s energy was enhanced by Urkle, our enormous mascot/teddy bear who made several guest appearances throughout the summer.

In their Judaic Studies classes, Solelim learned about Shabbat, delving deeply into the rituals and liturgy associated with Shabbat and its observance. They also studied Pirkei Avot focusing on core Jewish values such as judging others favorably, the balance between selfishness and selflessness, building a fence around the Torah, etc. Solelim also worked on their conversational Hebrew in classes taught by Israeli staff members, with a focus on words and phrases that are used on a regular basis in camp and topics related to life at camp.

The Solelim daily program consisted of a wide range of choice in both sports and cultural activities. Campers participated in instructional swim, and chose from a variety of activities including boating, softball, basketball, team sports, tennis, archery, ropes course, camping, painting, woodworking, dance, musical instruments, voice lessons and baking!

Click here to read our 2014 Visitors’ Day Book filled with information about camp, details on campwide activities and biographies of our impressive staff members.

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