Shoafim Letter

From Rosh Aidah Brett Kopin:

Shoafim had an amazing summer! With a dedicated and energetic staff and 46 hilarious, rowdy campers, Shoafim held its own in front of the camp by putting on an amazing rendition of Disney’s Frozen in Hebrew and executing the annual tzedakah project, raising $1,791.88 in total. The creativity, good humor and ingenuity shared among the campers made for an incredibly enjoyable experience for the staff to witness and partake in. The pride we felt for the campers culminated in cheering on sports victories, observing Shoafim as they were readily invested in so many of the activities throughout the summer, and watching the boys put on an English rendition of the musical Hercules the last week of camp while the girls supported them in the front of the crowd, cheering in their togas. The staff felt very fortunate to be a part of their summer.

In their Judaic Studies classes, Shoafim focused on the theme of Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof, Justice, Justice, We Shall Pursue. This theme complemented the summer-long focus on Tzedakah. They also learned about the concept of mitzvah, studying various categories of mitzvot, and exploring the relevance of mitzvot in their own lives. Shoafim also worked on their conversational Hebrew in classes taught by Israeli staff members, with a focus on words and phrases that are used on a regular basis in camp and topics related to life at camp.

The Shoafim daily program consisted of a wide range of choice in both sports and cultural activities. Campers participated in instructional swim, and chose from a variety of activities including boating, softball, basketball, team sports, tennis, archery, radio broadcasting, camping, painting, woodworking, pottery, sculpture, fused-glass art, dance, nature education, and guitar and ukulele instruction!

Click here to read our 2014 Visitors’ Day Book filled with information about camp, details on campwide activities and biographies of our impressive staff members.

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