Shavua Bogrim 2016

kramerRABBI BEN KRAMER is currently the Director of Jewish Life and Learning at Solomon Schechter Day School of Metropolitan Chicago. He will be leaving this position in July to being his new position as the rabbi at Moriah Congregation in Deerfield, Illinois.

Blacksmithing is as awesome as you think it is. In this class, students will learn the art of blacksmithing and design a create their own mezuzah or shabbat candlesticks.

creates fun, memorable and educative experiences that enable learners to grow spiritually and to develop their Jewish roots.  On an Outdoor Jewish Adventures program, learners explore creation and the role Jews play as partners in creation.  Josh specializes in integrating Jewish skills, knowledge and content into activities that promote Jewish identity, pride and knowledge.  Josh has a Master’s in Jewish Education from JTS and you can read more about Josh here.

We will take to the woods to learn to build fires, learn to use nature to construct shelters and learn about the connections that exist between nature and Judaism, all while having a great time!  Along the way we will cook great food over the fire, learn to identify wild food and medicine and do some spiritually fulfilling meandering in and around the trees and forest!

blumbergILANA BLUMBERG is author of prize-winning memoir, Houses of Study: A Jewish Woman among Books (Bison Books, 2009), and numerous essays and articles. She teaches Creative Writing at Bar Ilan University and lives in Israel with her family.

A week of writing, any way you like! We will look at examples of fiction and nonfiction writing that both express the writer and hook the reader, and we will experiment developing our own voices through a range of exercises and approaches.


bernsteinHENRY BERNSTEIN is excited to be making his return to Ramah where he spent 12 summers as a camper and staff member. Henry received his BA in Studio Art and Jewish Studies at Indiana University and his MA in Jewish Professional Studies from Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership. Henry is a self-proclaimed “expert” on comics, graphic novels and superheroes.

Have you ever collected or read comic books? Did you see Captain America: Civil War more than once in the theatre? Come explore the art of sequential storytelling and the narratives from our tradition through a lens you might never have expected. We’ll learn about the history of comic books, its creators, and themes throughout comic book history. We’ll also look at sources from the Torah that are very familiar to both biblical and fictional narrative. So, grab your cape, strap on your utility belt, and travel up, up and away!

heilicherZEHORIT HEILICHER was born in Israel to a Yemenite immigrant family. Growing up in multi-cultural Givat Olga, she experienced Israel’s rich ethnic diversity through food and celebration. Zehorit brings to the kitchen her Mediterranean roots, her passion for healthy and flavorful dishes and her love of people and storytelling. Teaching in the Twin Cities for the past 12 years, she shares her appreciation for the way in which culture, geography and history shape our food and the way we gather to eat it.

Take your taste buds on a tour of cuisines from around the world. Gain cooking and baking knowledge and skills with hands on experience. Every day will focus on a regional cuisine and its Jewish food and will end with us sitting together to enjoy the fruits of our labor! Come prepared to pull your sleeves up, get in the kitchen, cook and EAT!”

Is a suburban Chicago native who grew up in both Schechter and Ramah and always had an interest in Film and TV production. As she progressed through life it turned into a passion. She attended Boston University and currently resides in Chicago where she works as the Head of Production for a TV Production company currently focusing on nationally branded TV commercials.

Spend a week with me and see how an idea goes from script to screen. There is something for everyone, whether you are very visual or a detail oriented person, it takes a village to produce a project. Let’s make Ramah Wisconsin our Hollywood and create some short pieces that may peak your interest for life.