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Welcome to the Camp Ramah in Wisconsin Devar Torah Library!

Camp Ramah in Wisconsin offers campers many diverse learning opportunities in Hebrew language and Jewish text study.

The Bet Midrash Program, founded in 2000 by Rabbi Josh Cahan and Aryeh Bernstein, gives campers entering 8th to 11th grade the opportunity to study Mishnah and Talmud in an interactive and engaging environment in supervised hevrutot (study pairs) and shiurim (seminar-style classes). Participants span the camp community’s full range of educational backgrounds including campers from both day schools and religious schools.

We share below our Devar Torah Library, commentaries on the weekly Torah reading and Jewish holidays written by teachers of the Beit Midrash.

Sefer Bereishit 

Sefer Shemot

Sefer Vayiqra

Sefer Bemidar

Sefer Devarim

Holiday Divrei Torah

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