Summer 2018 Dates

Ramah offers a 12-day camping session for boys and girls entering grade four and a four-week camping session for boys and girls entering grades five and six. Campers entering grades seven through 11 participate in a full 8-week session. Campers are grouped into eight age divisions called aidot. Each aidah functions as an independent unit with special, age-appropriate programs and activities. Programming within each aidah builds each year as campers mature, grow closer as a community and take on more responsibility over their summer activities. The aidot come together throughout the day and participate in camp-wide programs and events throughout the summer.

There are so many ways to have fun at camp from morning until night…sailing on Lake Buckatabon, playing night-time softball under the lights, going on campouts, performing in a Broadway play, creating cabin cheers, competing in sports events, making art projects, hanging out with friends… and so much more. These and other fun times create lasting memories that keep campers coming back to Ramah summer after summer.

Watch the video below to see a typical “day in the life” at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin.

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