Northwoods Ramah Theatre Company

Camp Ramah in Wisconsin is the home of The Northwoods Ramah Theatre Company, an ensemble group dedicated to creating new work that reflects the Jewish experience. Their work is developed through an open-rehearsal process aimed at a wide audience of children and adults. By opening up the creative process, not just the performance, to the camp audience, the NRTC inspires the potential for a deeper connection to the work; not only does the community serve the process, the process serves the community. Culling material from folklore, poetry, contemporary literature and ancient texts, all sources are treated as sacred, and by working them into the script, the NRTC aims to magnify the connection between the story and Jewish teaching.

Knight of OnionsOver the years the NRTC has collaborated with outside playwrights (Lauren Feldman, Daniel Kelly), camp alumni (Marc Goldsmith, Deanna Neil), and visiting professionals (David Kersnar from the Lookingglass Theater Co.). As for actors, the company has featured current campers, former campers, and professional actors from outside the camp community. Prior members of the NRTC are:

Franny Silverman (Camp Ramah in the Poconos)
Matthew J. Walters
Jon Adam Ross (Nivo ’97)
Geoff Rice
Betsy Parker (Nivo ’02)
Shawn Shafner
Jordan Shapiro (Nivo ’09)
Lynda Bachman (Camp Ramah in the Berkshires)
Emily Warshaw
Jeremy Frankenthal (Nivo ’06)
Jess Osber
Sara Lederman (Nivo ’06)

Annie HeadshotAnnie G. Levy is the founding director of the NRTC. Based in New York, Annie is a co-founder of warner | shaw, where she created and directed The Latvia Project (Dixon Place and Indiana University Paul Artist Residency), SIX SEEDS: The Persephone Project (Theatre at the Tank, Space on White) and TREE ARMY: The CCC Project (Irondale Theatre, Figment – Governors Island). Annie is a founding member of WorldWideLab, an international festival of director driven work and is the recipient of a 2008 FAIR assistantship at Oregon Shakespeare Festival, a 2011 residency at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center, and was a 2010 LMCC Uptown/Downtown. She is a member of the Lincoln Center Theatre Directors Lab, an associate member of SDC and is the co-founder of the literary series SWEET! Actors Reading Writers.

Past Northwoods Ramah Theater productions:

2005 – The Underwater Palace – An ensemble created piece based on a kabalistic folktale
2006 – The Jewbird – An ensemble created piece based on the short story by Bernard Malamud
2007 – The Hero of Kabul by Marc Goldsmith
Jewish Wife by Bertolt Brecht
2008 – Garden. Walk. Wonder – Ensemble created dramatization of works by three Jewish poets: Ra’hel, Shel Silverstein and Charles Reznikoff
2009 – An adaptation of Hayyim Bialik’s story, Knight of Onion and Knight of Garlic
Harvest — an ensemble created piece built around the mythology of Bob Dylan
2010 – Sharon Is My Name – a retelling of and meditation on The Merchant of Venice, by Daniel Kelly
The Sonnet Piece – a guided tour of Shakespeare Sonnets with Amelia Bassano Lanyer
2011- How Do We Get Out Of Here – a play about the Yarkon River Bridge collapse by Deanna Neil
2012 – Amanuensis – a play about John Milton and his process of writing Paradise Lost by Lauren Feldman
2013 – The History/Memory Project – a collaboration with David Kersnar

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