Machon Letter

From Rosh Aidah Adina Allen:

We had a fantastic summer together in Machon, growing closer over the course of the summer and truly coming together as a unified aidah. From the post-Zimriyah (song festival) song session and hang out on the point, our wonderful and crazy world cup peulat erev (evening activity), to solidifying amazing friendships with Tikvah campers, the summer was full of energy, new opportunities and making lasting memories and friendships. We celebrated a victory in overtime against the Nivonot in basketball, explored concepts of natural instinct in relation to morality and had a fun week exploring Wisconsin together. I feel confident in the learning that was done with one another and I am blessed to have learned from each and everyone in this aidah. Thank you for a wonderful summer!!

In their Judaic Studies classes, Machon campers chose electives based on their interests. Among the classes offered to Machon campers were: A Whole New World of Tanakh: Rereading texts through unexpected perspectives; Love, Pogroms, and Flying Fish: Marc Chagall’s Shtetl Paintings; Fun with Yiddish: Join the Revival; Machon Shabbat Theater Series: Shir HaShirim; Comparative Religion; and Religious Controversies in Israel. Machon also watched episodes of Israeli TV shows that served as triggers to explore broad issues in Israeli society and to improve the campers’ conversational Hebrew.

The Machon daily program consisted of a wide range of choice in both sports and cultural activities. During the first half of the summer, Machon campers participated in a “Machon Intensive”—a skill and project based class in which campers delve into an area of their choice. The art intensive created a beautiful mosaic to be added to the camp’s art collection, the woodworking intensive built a new candle lighting table for the camp’s weekly Shabbat celebration, the camping intensive learned outdoor survival skills that they put to use in a great adventure, the radio intensive developed and produced their own radio shows, the nature education intensive explored the water quality of the Northwoods of Wisconsin, the Tikvah Arts Festival intensive worked in collaboration with Tikvah campers to create a dramatic, artistic and dance-filled production, and the music intensive learned to play new instruments while developing their own composition skills. Machon campers also elected to participate in sports such as softball, basketball, archery, tennis, team sports, boating and sports games with friends from Tikvah.

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