Halutzim Letter

From Rosh Aidah Josh Warshawsky:

Halutzim campers this summer were able to experience all of the excitement of our second session at camp for the first time. They saw three fantastic musicals (Newsies, Hair, and Little Shop of Horrors) put on completely in Hebrew, danced in our Rikudiyah dance festival, and commemorated Tisha B’av with the reading of Megillat Eicha with the entire camp. Every single camper also learned a line of Eicha that he or she read in front of the whole Eidah the next morning, in a really beautiful service. We took a “flight” to Israel and talked about what it means to be home wherever we happen to be in the world. We played basketball, softball, and soccer against Solelim (entering 7th graders), and many campers woke up at 5:00 am to participate in our annual Polar Bear Swim to the island in the middle of Lake Buckatabon! On the last night of camp, our entire Eidah performed a Cabaret, a musical revue of sneak previews of songs from all of the musicals in next summer’s lineup, including Peter Pan, Little Mermaid, A Chorus Line, Joseph, and Hairspray

In their Judaic Studies classes, Halutzim studied brachot, blessings. They focused on the meaning and purpose of brachot, while thinking of the purpose of saying brachot in our day and age. They learned about blessings that are embedded in the daily prayer service, said over food, and recited over various phenomena in nature as found around camp. At the end of the month, campers created their own book of blessings to take home with them. Halutzim also worked on their conversational Hebrew in classes taught by Israeli staff members, with a focus on words and phrases that are used on a regular basis in camp and topics related to life at camp.

The Halutzim daily program consisted of a wide range of choice in both sports and cultural activities. Campers participated in instructional swim, boating, softball, basketball, soccer, tennis, archery, Israel education, improv, theatrical stage skills, dance, art, nature education and baking!

Click here to read our 2014 Visitors’ Day Book filled with information about camp, details on campwide activities and biographies of our impressive staff members.

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