2017 Scholarship Information

We are pleased that you are interested in applying for a scholarship for camp!  Below is detailed information about our scholarship process.   Please read this carefully before completing the application, and do not hesitate to be in touch with any questions. Additional information about scholarship opportunities may be found here: http://www.ramahwisconsin.com/about-camp/scholarships/.  The links for the online applications can be found at the bottom of this page.

A few notes about the scholarship application:

  • We are again using an online scholarship application. This secure application process, through a third party, helps to aggregate and verify information.  The company we are working with, FACTS, works with a number of schools and camps in our region, and recently merged with PSAS, the company we used last year. As we transition to this new form, there may be some technical challenges.  Rest assured that we will work to address these as quickly as possible to ensure a smooth process.
  • Families that used FACTS for day school scholarships this year (2016-2017) will need to complete the information for camp, since camp is on a 2017-18 schedule.  A bonus for these families will be that they will likely NOT need to reenter all of their information if they apply for day school scholarships through FACTS for the 2017-18 school year.
  • All applications must be completed online this year; there will not be a paper option available.
  • Note that in FACTS, the camp experience is called a “school”. Thus, when it asks you to selects school(s), you should check the appropriate camp(s) that your child will be attending.
  • For families with campers attending both Ramah Day Camp and Camp Ramah in Wisconsin: you only need to complete one application for your family.  Please ensure that you select the appropriate camp(s) (or “school” as it is called in FACTS) for each child.
  • For families in the Chicagoland area attending Camp Ramah in Wisconsin: new this year – families that qualify for the JUF Residential Camp Scholarships (live in the Chicagoland area, have a gross family income of $130,000 or less, and are attending Garinim or older) will be able to use their Camp Ramah in Wisconsin application as their JUF scholarship as well. If you are applying for scholarship from both Camp Ramah and JUF, you will need to complete the “Camp Ramah in Wisconsin Scholarship Application for 16% or more of tuition” and your application will automatically be linked to both Ramah and JUF. For the Camp Ramah portion of the scholarship, you will need to submit your 2015 tax returns with the application; however JUF will require your 2016 tax returns in the new year (for its scholarship process).

We offer two options for scholarship applications:  one for families applying to receive up to 15% of the camp tuition as a scholarship, and a separate application for families applying for over 15% of the total camp tuition.  Note that forms are different; the application for over 15% of camp tuition contains a number of additional questions and requires more detailed financial information .

Below are the guidelines for scholarship applications

  1. Funding for the Camp Ramah in Wisconsin / Ramah Day Camp scholarship program is provided by funds from local and regional sources.  The program provides limited scholarships designed to bridge the gap between other funding sources and camper families’ financial contribution.
  2. Financial need is the primary eligibility criterion for a Camp Ramah in Wisconsin / Ramah Day Camp scholarship.
  3. Families must apply to all available resources in their community – synagogue, Federation, JFCS, Talmud Torah, One Happy Camper (for Garinim and older campers), etc.
  4. Families must make every effort to make an appropriate financial contribution toward camp costs.
  5. Families with more than one child attending Camp Ramah in Wisconsin / Ramah Day Camp may apply for a scholarship for each camper.  Only one application needs to be completed per family.
  6. Scholarship recipients are eligible to apply for scholarships in following years in order to ensure continuity of the camping experience.
  7. The amount of the scholarship may vary with the length of the camp session.
  8. Final decisions on scholarships for veteran campers will be made in January 2016.  Camp Ramah in Wisconsin / Ramah Day Camp will notify families of scholarship decisions in mid-January.
  9. All information received from families will be handled with strict confidentiality.
  10. Application for scholarship does not guarantee that a scholarship will be awarded.
  11. If scholarship recipients change their plans and do not attend camp, the amount awarded must be returned to the camp so that funds can be made available to meet the needs of other campers.  If scholarship recipients leave camp before the end of the session, any scholarship awarded will be prorated and deducted from any refund.
  12. Please note:  Camp Ramah in Wisconsin / Ramah Day Camp reserves the right to refuse consideration of scholarship applications unless they (1) are submitted by the deadline, (2) are legible, (3) show a good faith effort to provide all the information requested, and (4) provide information which is consistent for the current years as well as with information provided on any previous applications.
  14. We encourage you to keep a copy of your application materials.
  15. If you have any additional questions about our scholarship program, please contact Benji Bearman, Chief Operating Officer, at 312-690-8326.


Camp Ramah in Wisconsin Scholarship Application for 15% of tuition or less – click here

Camp Ramah in Wisconsin Scholarship Application for 16% of tuition or more – click here
Note that you must complete this application if you are also applying for the JUF Residential Summer Camp Scholarships.


If you are looking for information about Ramah Day Camp, click here.

For questions about the scholarship application, contact our Registrar Paulina Gugala at pgugala@ramahwisconsin.com or 312-690-8321.

Feel free to contact Benji Bearman, Chief Operating Officer, regarding financial concerns at 312-690-8326 or at bbearman@ramahwisconsin.com.