Bogrim Letter

From Rosh Aidah Maya Zinkow:

We seized the day every day in Bogrim 2014! Over the course of the summer, the aidah grew closer and closer with every peulah [activity], and it was amazing to watch both the individual growth of each camper and the growth of the aidah as a unified, diverse team of wonderful campers. From reinventing the concept of a “selfie,” to discussing the societal fabric of Israel, to investigating our familial origins, it has been a pleasure to see the passion for learning and Judaism develop in every member of the aidah. In watching the aidah put on a spectacular musical for the camp, score victory after victory on the basketball court and softball field, and learn new and unique skills from Educators-in-Residence during Shavua Bogrim, I have seen what special things this aidah can do. Thank you for an amazing summer, and I hope you never stop Seizing the Day!

In their Judaic Studies classes, Bogrim chose electives based on their interests. Among the classes offered to Bogrim were: STorahtelling; Our Relationship with Modern Day Israel; Finding Jewish Identity in a World Full of Questions; Questioning Authority- The Jewish Way; and, Strange But True: Discovering the Weird in Judaism. Bogrim also watched episodes of Israeli TV shows that served as triggers to explore broad issues in Israeli society and to improve the campers’ conversational Hebrew.

The Bogrim daily program consisted of a wide range of choice in both sports and cultural activities. Campers participated in “synchronized” swimming as part of their instructional swim classes and chose from a wide variety of activities in boating, softball, basketball, team sports, tennis, archery, radio broadcasting, musical instruments, fused-glass art, jewelry making, woodworking, pottery, drama, dance and nature education! Each Bogrim camper also participated in a week long intensive in one of the following areas: outdoor education, comic book creation, comedy improvisation, video art, and international cooking. Shavua Bogrim was a memorable week of learning, creativity, and fun.

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