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It is often said that “Ramah is an experience that lasts a lifetime.” So how can a Ramahnik (defined as anyone/everyone connected to Ramah: campers, staff members, parents, grandparents, the whole community of Ramah supporters) stay connected? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Keep in touch with the latest Ramah news through the Machanenu Ramah print newsletter and the Beynenu electronic newsletter. Complete the alumni update form to add your latest contact information to the camp database.
  2. Attend Ramah events in the community and/or reunions at camp. If there’s nothing listed for your aidah or area, let’s get something started!
  3. Return to the kikar! Come to camp for Visitors’ Days 2017 (July 16 & 17) or consider coming to Family Camp on August 9-13, 2017. ┬áIf you’d like to visit at another time during the summer, just let us know.
  4. Email your camp friends and let them know about the great new Camp Ramah in Wisconsin website. You too can be a connector!
  5. Find out about camp enrollment meetings being held in your area. Encourage friends and family with eligible children to register for summer 2017.
  6. Volunteer. Camp Ramah needs help on the first and last days of the camp season to escort campers at airports and to supervise bus boarding points.
  7. Host a Ramah staff member at your work place for a one month internship. A generous Chicago-based foundation sponsors one-month business, social service and professional internships during the month of May for entering college juniors and seniors. Qualified Ramah staff members are placed in a work place matched to their field of interest. After a month in the business world they work at camp from June to August and are awarded a stipend in addition to their camp salary.
  8. Contribute financially to camp, in whatever way you can. In-kind donations are great too.
  9. Share. Email memories of your summers at camp. Send us your photos from way back when and recent ones too. Let us know what you’ve been doing since you left camp. Send us news of your new job, life cycle events, plans for the future. Let’s stay connected! For details on all of the above, contact Robin Rubenstein, Alumni Coordinator, at

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