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Camp Ramah in Wisconsin is 150 acres of magical space, tucked away in the heart of Wisconsin’s Northwoods.

Within this space, campers and staff from throughout the Midwest and Israel unite each summer to form a very special Jewish community… read more


Kochavim for Entering 4th Graders

Two 12-day sessions for entering 4th graders



Garinim for Entering 5th Graders

A 4-week session for entering 5th graders



Halutzim for Entering 6th Graders

A 4-week session for entering 6th graders



Full Season Program (7th - 11th)

Campers entering grades 7th - 11th participate in a full 8-week session




4-week and 8-week sessions for campers with special needs



Family Camp

A fun way to get a taste of camp for the whole family



HaMirpeset Shelanu 241: From Jacob Cytryn, Director

Posted on February 5, 2016

Reflections on Parashat Mishpatim by Jacob Cytryn, Director Torah readings like the one we read this week, Parashat Mishpatim, sometimes throw us for a loop.  Living in the modern, Western world, we are used to experiencing broad agendas for belief or how to live our lives with grandiose words like vision, philosophy, or worldview.  We expect a well-structured series Continue Reading »


HaMirpeset Shelanu 240: From Josh Warshawsky

Posted on January 29, 2016

Please enjoy a D’var Torah this week from Josh Warshawsky, 2015 Rosh Tefillah and Artist in Residence.  Josh is currently in rabbinical school at the Ziegler School in Los Angeles. He just finished his second CD, “Mah Rabu,” featuring many of our favorite camp songs such as “Kol B’Ramah,” “Mah Rabu” and “V’ahavta.” You can Continue Reading »


Shavuah Tov: A Year-round Connection to the Magic of Camp

Posted on January 27, 2016

Shavuah Tov: A Year-round Connection to the Magic of Camp by Joseph Eskin and Ari Feldman On Sunday evenings in fall, winter and spring, participants in our special needs programs can tap into a precious resource that is a source of excitement, comfort, and fun: their Camp Ramah community.  Two video conference calls take place Continue Reading »

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“I love camp because it connects me with my Jewish identity, allows me to be with my closest friends all the time, has fun activities, and is a place I feel comfortable 100% of the time.”  From a camper


"I love Ramah for all the things my children don't know they're getting! For the sense that being actively Jewish is a really welcoming, fun, spiritually expanding experience and something to appreciate and celebrate… I love that Ramah has planted a seed in each of my children's Jewish souls that will grow precisely when they will need it most throughout their lives."  From a camper parent